A Note From Our Staff

At Red Hot Carpet Cleaning, we have a burning commitment to quality and service at a fair price. We invite you to find a real joy in caring for your home by dealing with a company that really cares. All of the products that we carry are used in our customers' homes each and every day.

HomePro Spotter - Our Own Spot Remover!

Very similar to Avenge. HomePro Spotter was originally developed for and used by Professional Cleaners. HomePro Spotter lifts spots and stains from carpet and upholstery with little effort. With its unique synergistic action, HomePro Spotter will remove many of those "impossible" stains. Contains over one dozen ingredients, each of which is effective on different types of stains, and through synergy each ingredient interacts with other ingredients to form hundreds of additional cleaning combinations. That's why HomePro Spotter is more effective on every type of stain. This week, great introductory savings on HomePro Spotter this week!

Odorcide 210 - Our Most Popular Selling Product!

The number 1 choice for total and permanent odor removal. Odorcide 210 uses a unique chemistry that eliminates the need to use urine pretreatment products and slow acting enzyme deodorants. Odorcide 210 contains ingredients that use a combination of counteraction, absorption, bonding, and inhibiting residuals to completely eliminate foul organic malodors, even difficult-to-eliminate male cat "marking scents". Permanently eliminates even deeply embedded odors from urine, feces, decayed matter, vomit, molds, mildew, garbage, skunk odors, and more. Costs very little to use. One 16 ounce bottle makes 2 gallons of ready to use solution. Great savings on Odorcide 210 ends today!